Stylefile Classic 24 Marker set (Main B)

Stylefile Classic 24 Marker set (Main B)

The Stylefile Marker 24 pcs Main B Set is a mixture of 24 colors- from the available 124 colours of the Stylefile Marker. This set is based on basic color shades. Due to the various shades and tones in this set, it complements other Stylefile Marker Sets perfectly.

Thanks to the high-quality alcohol based ink and the resistant tips, the Stylefile Marker is a high-quality tool for graffiti artists, designers and architects - and available at an unbeatable price! The alcohol marker is equipped with:

- an ergonomic design
- marked chisel and fineliner tips
- color markings on both sides of the marker
- comes in a handy acrylic box

Colors: 116 (walnut), 152 (barium yellow), 162 (dark yellow), 168 (sunflower), 206 (rose beige), 304 (barely beige), 350 (coral pink), 360 (vermillion), 372 (wine red), 420 (pastel pink), 452 (rose pink), 464 (light violet), 516 (baby blue), 550 (brilliant blue), 556 (ultramarine), 560 (indian blue), 608 (mint green), 646 (turquoise green), 668 (bronze green), 806 (chestnut brown), 808 (mahogany), 814 (burnt orange), CG0 (cool grey 0), CG8 (cool grey 8).

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