Browse through the largest selection of graffiti spray paint online. Whether you’re in to fine art, murals, bombing or anything in between, we offer 500+ colors and more than twenty types of spray paint to choose from. We have all basis covered ranging from Molotow Premium down to Pigment Spray and even paint that glows in the dark. We hold everything from Pocket Burner Chromes to Ironlak Reloaded tall-boys. Find it all right here in the Bombing Science shop.

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  1. Ironlak Paint 400ml

    Quality paint for less. Variable pressure paint, high covering power. 400ml.

    The Ironlak spray paint is a great value paint, with the highest concentration of pigments and covering power.

    Variable pressure, for high and low pressure output. 

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  2. Molotow Premium 400ml

    172 high covering colors. Low Pressure. Highest quality of paint.

    Molotow Premium is the king of all spraypaint. With 4 times ground pigments, it is the most opaque paint on the market and its unique valve system and low pressure gives you complete control, without any drips or dust!

    All Season. UV Resistant. No other paint can match it.

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  3. Kolour 400ml

    Easy on the eyes, easier on the wallet. Variable pressure paint, high covering power. 400ml. Kolour spray paint is a quick-dry, high opacity gloss acrylic paint developed to cater for the cost-conscious customer.

    Currently available in 23 kolours, this line offers great coverage and control at a fair price. Kolour is fully compatible with all Ironlak products.

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  4. Flame Blue

    Flame Paint by Molotow. Low pressure, matt coating, 108 colors. 400ml.


    Get more bang for your bucks with the Flame Paint! High quality paint developped by Molotow, made in Europe, for a price you can afford. Acrylic-based formula, for all surfaces (indoor & outdoor). 

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  5. Molotow High Pressure 400ml

    18 High Covering Colors. High Pressure.

    Highest concentration of pigment. The Molotow highest quality of paint is now available in high pressure! Fast and silent application, less expensive, but 25% more efficient. That means essentially more paint per sq².

    Use under any weather condition. Time for some action... 

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  6. Ironlak Reload 600ml

    $7.95 each - Reload by Ironlak High Pressure 600ml spray paint. Reload is the Ironlak tall can, with 600ml of paint and higher pressure than the regular Ironlak. The quality and coverage power of the paint are also upgraded in this product. Reload comes with the new Ironlak Cyclone (Super Fat) Cap.

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  7. Flame Orange

    Flame Paint by Molotow. Variable pressure, easy valve control, matt coating, 24 colors. 400ml.

    Get more bang for your bucks with the Flame Paint! High quality paint developped by Molotow, made in Europe, for a price you can afford. Synthetic-based formula, for all surfaces (indoor & outdoor).

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  8. Molotow Premium Transparent

    400ml - 12 Transparent Colors. Low Pressure.

    Perfect for fadings and special effects. The Molotow Premium transparent colors are the perfect tools for the precision artist. Obtain an infinite amount of color shades!

    Comes with the Molotow technology features: no dust, anti drip, all season, covers all, UV-resistance and color durability. 

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  9. Molotow Burner 600ml

    The Molotow Burner spray paint is the highest quality of metallic paint. Ultra high gloss and High Pressure. It is the first no mixing balls + all season™ product worldwide. The Burner can is equipped with the Original Flowmaster™-valve system and a Fat Cap.

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  10. Flame Blue 200ml

    Precise graffiti spray can with acrylic-based formula. Low pressure adjustment, matt coating and 6 colors. Together with FLAME™ ORANGE they are the perfect dream team at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.



    • 100% Graffiti-Paint (acrylic-based)
    • improved, low odour formula
    • precise application 
    • low pressure adjustment
    • matt coating
    • constant all-season™ performance
    • excellent opacity & UV-resistance
    • for all surfaces (indoor & outdoor)
    • 6 brilliant colors
    • incl. stencil lid (patent pending)

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