Krink products

It all started with KR and his devotion to hardcore graffiti. The journey begins in Queens in the 80’s where he was submerged in the culture that was prevalent on the streets throughout the five boroughs. In the early 90’s, KR moved to the Bay Area where he quickly started catching wreck and making major moves in a big way around San Francisco. It is those two worlds that shaped him and gave birth to graffiti’s most recognized ink, KRINK. What started as a home operation with empty water bottles is now one of the biggest graffiti enterprises in the world. When it comes to drippy mops, Krink is King!

Krink Products

Back in the day, people had to do most of the dirty work themselves when it came to inks and markers. Some writers had secret formulas that outshined the rest and put their tags in a new category above the rest. The world’s most famous brewer of drippy chrome ink is KR with the original KRINK. He came a long way from the hallway with chrome only to now offering a vast line of markers, mops and many other premium writing tools in a ray of punchy colors. Proudly made in the USA, KRINK is a standard of quality and the experience is simply unmatched.

Bombing Science Krink Shop

The official Bombing Science Krink Store has been holding it down with the goods since day one. You know you can always depend on us for having your favorite Krink products on deck. Ain’t no half stepping when it comes to choice and colors. We have the full line of the infamous k-60, k-71, k-80 paint sticks and all your favorite specialty markers like the K-90, k-4 fine point and k-32, all in one spot. Find what you need at the Bombing Science Krink shop and make sure to watch out for our specials and deals.