OTR.060 CALLIGRAFFITI Paint marker -

The .060 has made it's name for being a great tagmarker! They now offer the CALLIGRAFFITI paint version. Boom!  With that marker you can achieve mad stylish handstyles with little effort or technique!


Tip: 20 mm Calligraphy
Pump Action Marker with Flow Control Valve
Content: Alcohol-based Paint
Colors: Available in Black, White, Chrome Gold and Chrome Silver, Blazing red

eveloped with Master of Calligraffiti Niels Shoe Meulman / super permanent alcohol-based paint / high glossy & highly opaque thick coating / weatherproof / for all purposes / xylene-free / refillable / replaceable tip




  • Very good marker.
    Review by Perp / (Posted on 8/2/2019)
    I have been using this marker for about a week now and it lasts pretty long you can expect to do quite a bit with it and the nib is pretty nice on it I had no problem using it on a smooth concrete surface and any really smooth surface works well don't expect to use it a lot on hard uneven surfaces since it will destroy the nib.

    If you are looking for a marker that can do interesting hard chiseled type font but also calligraphy based looking letters this is very good. If I had anything to say about colors I wish it had venom I am a big fan of purples since they are easy going on the eyes.

    I am gonna see if I can make my own colors using ink and mixing with alcohol to see if that can do the same effect.
  • May as well use a fat Sharpie
    Review by G / (Posted on 11/15/2017)
    Had a lot of issues with this marker. My white marker came with a completely rounded tip, not at all good for calligraphy style writing. The second black one, after a few lines of writing, the nib started to fall out! Customer service did NOTHING to help with the problems. Terrible.
  • Dope marker
    Review by KONA / (Posted on 6/26/2017)
    Sick marker boys!
  • More colors
    Review by M80 / (Posted on 3/15/2017)
    Needs more colors fools
  • The shape of the tip makes writing Calligraphy super easy.
    Review by These work great. / (Posted on 11/15/2016)
    Works exactly as intended. Perfectly shaped tip to make calligraphy type writing extra easy.
  • Best tagging marker!
    Review by #ArtIzMuzikForTheEyez / (Posted on 4/5/2016)
    Niels Shoe Meulman is one of my biggest influences and after reading his book I had to snatch a few of these markers up with his special calligraffiti nib and feel in love! I only wish I could buy the nibs in these markers separately and in smaller and bigger sizes.

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