Molotow 111EM 2mm (Empty Marker)

2mm tip, empty marker- The 111HS high solid Pump Marker has a patented capillary system for optimized color flow, tightness and tip-handling. Featuring the Pumpmaster™ -valve and mixing balls. The 127HS-EF is the smallest pump marker worldwide!
  • Empty marker with exchangeable 2 mm round tip 
  • Can be filled with the high-covering acrylic-based hybrid-paint "ONE4ALL™” available in 34 colors.  
  • Equipped with the FLOWMASTER™ Pump-Valve for an active paint flow control 
  • Patented capillary system  that guarantees an even and controlled dye distribution. 
  • Best writing performance on almost every surface – indoor or outdoor. 
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