Egg Shell Sticker Pack (Priority)

Egg Shell Stickers are not regular vinyl or paper stickers. Egg Shell Stickers are the best stickers you can get in the market. It sticks well on the most ridiculous surfaces and breaks easily (check the video to see by yourself!).
Everyone's favourite postal label has now been adapted into Egg Shell Stickers.
Egg Shell blank stickers in 10 x 6cm (approx 3.93" x 2.36") 
Smaller than regular postal labels - this is a great size for tags and doodles.

Each Egg Carton packs come with 80 pieces of high quality Egg Shell stickers

**New addition** Comes with a ''pull'' tab to peal off the sticker without any chipping!

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    Review by JEDA / (Posted on 6/27/2017)
    Great feel and fast shipping. Yall the best!
  • Awesome!!!
    Review by Max / (Posted on 5/15/2017)
    These are great, I love to check up on mine from time to time and see that people tried to peel 'em. Plus, the buff guys rarely bring scrapers and all those things, so these are going to stay for a while, trust me!
  • Dope
    Review by Gesus / (Posted on 12/16/2016)
    I love these stickers at first I got the holographic ones but these priority ones look way better and cleaner especially when you double them up horizontal for long tags/throws. Works ideally with chisel tip sharpies then I usually take a micro and add some detail to the script. I love them.
  • Brilliant!
    Review by Jack / (Posted on 10/4/2016)
    These stickers are bomb as hell. I love throwing these up, you can't peel them off so insanely hard to take down. Just overall awesome highly recommend if you are trying to get your slaps up longer.
  • cot damn
    Review by prev / (Posted on 9/29/2016)
    Tab makes it easy to peel off quickly. Real strong hold; undermined its stickiness at the beginning. Amazing quality.
  • Sick af
    Review by Isole / (Posted on 9/2/2016)
    Love these...just bought 2 more packs..the tab was a must...2 thumbs up...buy them...!
    Review by Sumo Graffiti / (Posted on 6/21/2016)
    Probably the best eggshell stickers ever. Really good they hold paint markers to normal markers without it drying awkwardly. Have used them a lot in packs and trades
  • Awesome stickers
    Review by "Safe?" / (Posted on 5/31/2016)
    These are lit and stick on really good.Great Buy!!!!!
  • best stickers ever
    Review by low-key / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
    These stickers are the dopest and you will not be disappointed. MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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