Egg Shell Sticker Pack (Hello My Name Is) - Blue/Red

Egg Shell Stickers are not regular vinyl or paper stickers. Egg Shell Stickers are the best stickers you can get in the market. It sticks well on the most ridiculous surfaces and breaks easily (check the video to see by yourself!).
The Classic "Hello My Name is" Name Badge is now available in Blue & Red Egg Shell Stickers.
Egg Shell blank stickers in 10 x 6cm (approx 3.93" x 2.36") 
A little bigger than regular name badges - perfect for tags and doodles.

Each Egg Carton packs come with 80 pieces of high quality Egg Shell stickers

**New addition** Comes with a ''pull'' tab to peal off the sticker without any chipping!

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  • Amazing item
    Review by Raymomd / (Posted on 1/22/2018)
    Great product sticks to about any surface amd just plain out great way to get your name out there
  • College Campus Canvasing
    Review by Solo / (Posted on 1/23/2017)
    Used to use regular old paper stickers to slap on crosswalk buttons, signs, and other places while day bombing on my college campus. Before the day was over, the stickers would be gone. Probably ripped down by this other writer bombing on campus.

    Ordered these and been slapping them everywhere as I go between classes, seen a few scratches from attempts to take them off, but they aren't going anywhere.

    Things are absolute magic. I've even seen a message left next to a sticker I put by the major shuttle stop on campus asking where I got them. Can't decide whether to keep the secret or let them know. Hahahahaha

    If you're looking to do a quick slap that'll be there until your tag fades, I highly recommend these or any other egg shell sticker. You will NOT regret it!

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