Writing The Memory of the City

232 pages. Berlin is still the city of writing of modern times. This book assembles 15 Berlin artists from a circle that originated in writing. They are linked by a long, partly shared experience in Berlin''˜s public space. The reader is given an insight into the ideas and thoughts of a heretofore hermetic movement, whose effects are mainly revealed on the surface. Alongside an assortment of essays, they lead us on a journey away from the common city image, and into a remarkable landscape of outlooks and strata, spaces and dreams, visible and invisible cities. With artists: Daniel Tagno, Brom, Try One, Nick, Christian Schellenberger, Thomas Wiczak, Spair, Matthias Wermke, Mare 139, Skki, Peter Osten, Stefano Micheel, Meira Ahmemulic, Donwood Bricks, Wilhelm Klotzek, Akim One, P Vector Codierer, Bus 126, Konrad Muhe and Thomas Bratzke.

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