Stylefile 36 Brush Marker Set (Main A)

Stylefile 36 Brush Marker Set (Main A)

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With the Stylefile Marker Brush 36er Set Main A you will receive 36 Brush Markers covering a wide range of colors. Colors include, various yellow shades, blues and greens and a black marker.

Therefore, this is the perfect set for anyone who likes their work to burst with color, whether it is sketching, illustrating or drawing. The 36er Set Main A, can be combined with other sets in our range, for example, the Grey-Sets, giving great shade to the colors.

Unlike the Classic Stylefile Marker which has a Fine-liner tip, this marker comes with a Brush Tip, which, depending on the applied pressure, can have a stroke width of 0,5 to approx. 4,5 mm.

- Ergonomic design, feel good
- Chisel and Brush Tips
- Color and Tip markings on each cap
- Roll Stop
- Constant color flow, rich colors without xylene
- Best results on Stylefile Marker Black books
- Tips from the international market leader
- Refillable

112 (cream)
118 (yellow ochre)
154 (canaria yellow)
158 (yellow)
164 (lemon yellow)
206 (rose beige)
214 (french vermillion)
216 (orange)
312 (fruit pink)
350 (coral pink)
360 (vermillion)
362 (carmine)
364 (deep red)
368 (geranium)
414 (dark violet lt.)
458 (vivid red-dish purp.)
460 (azaela purple)
464 (light violet)
466 (deep violet)
512 (marin blue)
516 (baby blue)
518 (curulean blue)
552 (cobalt blue)
554 (napoleon blue)
600 (turquoise blue)
604 (forest green)
642 (emerald green)
644 (viridian)
648 (deep green)
652 (vivid green)
672 (grass green)
800 (burnt slenna)
810 (brick brown)
812 (raw umber)
816 (natural oak)
900 (black)

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