Purple Needle Fine Liner Cap

Purple Needle Fine Liner Cap

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The Montana Needle Fine Liner is not your typical needle cap, these things are skinny!  It has an average spray width from 2mm-10mm (0,08" to 0,39") making much smaller lines than the original (red) needle cap. It produces small amounts of splatter around the lines, as is not as clean as a normal spray paint cap. This is great for people who want a raw and messy aesthetic, albeit a bit more controlled. 

Be sure after every use to turn your can upside down and spray until you just have air coming out of the cap. This will help ensure the paint is clear from the tube, which prevents these caps from clogging, as they can be especially prone to it due to their size and nature. 

These caps are compatible with Flame, Dang, Molotow, and most European female valve systems.

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