Open Source: A Citywide Public Art Exhibition

Open Source: A Citywide Public Art Exhibition

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Bold public artwork. Events and tours with internationally known artists and thinkers. A space dedicated to creative conversation and idea generation. Welcome to Open Source

A response to major public art events like Miami’s Wynwood Walls, Prospect New Orleans, Germany’s documenta, and the myriad street festivals injecting creative energy into cities around the globe, Open Source advanced worldwide recognition of Philadelphia as a culturally innovative and global city. The project was uniquely about Philadelphia: the civic challenges and opportunities it faces, and the outcomes of collaborative thinking. Mural Arts Philadelphia’s public art exhibition, curated by Pedro Alonzo, brought 13 trailblazing artists from around the world to Philadelphia for groundbreaking projects that illuminated the city’s diverse public identity, including Ernel Martinez & Keir Johnston, Odili Donald Odita, Shepard Fairey, Momo, SWOON, Jennie Shanker, JR, Sam Durant, Michelle Angela Ortiz, Jonathan Monk, Heeseop Yoon, Shinique Smith, and the Dufala Brothers.

Features essays by project curator Pedro Alonzo, Teddy Cruz and Jane Golden.

Published by Mural Arts Philadelphia 168 pages, Paperback 7 1/2" x 10" ISBN: 9780990387046
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