Molotow GRAFX Aqua Ink Softliner (10 Markers)

Molotow GRAFX Aqua Ink Softliner (10 Markers)

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It acts like a watercolour and seems to blend like one – but the Molotow GrafX Aqua Ink Softliner is a bold and daring difference to the artist’s creative collection.

With the lax, easy strokes of the soft-edge marker and the brilliant, semi-opaque blaze of colour, artists young and old can experience the exquisite benefits of professional quality. The paint is food-safe and water-soluble, making it child-safe and easy to clean.


• soft-edged 1 mm brush tip – exchangeable
• color intense water-based special ink
• water-soluble
• refillable
• patented pumping system and capillary technology
• available in 12 color

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