Molotow 760PI Masterpiece 60mm (CoversAll)

60mm tip, bitumen ink marker- Patented capillary technique with 8 colour channels for perfect ink flow. Pump valve. Refillable. Fast working on large areas. Highly permanent and weather resistant. Alcohol based, synthic bitumen ink.

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  • Novelty fun
    Review by mutherer / (Posted on 1/25/2018)
    This is one of those things you buy because you just got paid and you think it looks dope. It's sorta dope. That coversall ink is gorgeous, and might make this valuable for a beefing kid to squash out rival tags alone. If you aren't a dick though this is a rare use thing. You need really smooth surface for the line to look good, and it's gonna be big. Good for vans and the temporary window tags. Watch out though cause the nib comes off this guy really easily. If you're already thinking of getting one then definitely do. For the few times you use it it'll be great. Maybe if I was better at calligraphic work this would serve better.

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