Magic Ink White Permanent Marker (MGDW)

Magic Ink White Permanent Marker (MGDW)

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Magic Ink White Permanent Marker (MGDW)
You can write on plastic, metal, glass, pottery, wood, paper, and leather. White opaque paint marker with excellent light resistance, water resistance, and quick-drying properties.
Using a new oil-based pigment ink that suppresses odors, you can write clearly and clearly even on black surfaces and transparent objects.
It is an oil-based pigment ink that does not easily fade even when exposed to direct sunlight and does not easily flow or disappear even when exposed to rain or water, making it suitable for outdoor display. * Ink cannot be replenished.

Type: Single
Line Width (mm): 8×16
Ink Color: White
Ink: Oil-based pigment ink
Quantity: 1 piece
Product Type: Disposable main body
Line Width: Extra bold

Caution: This product is manufactured in Japanese standards.
Some products may not meet the standards of your item.
Please check the specification carefully before you order.

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