Ironlak Strikers marker (Tri-Grip Colorless Blender)

The Tri-Grip Colorless Blender Ironlak Strikers marker. If you are looking for the color sets, click here.

Ironlak Striker Tri-Grip Colorless Blender is a high end blending marker designed to work in conjunction with the Ironlak Striker Markers giving users the ability to blend Ironlak Striker Tri-grip marker ink on the page. 
The Ironlak Striker Tri-Grip is the updated Ironlak Striker design marker. The updated design marker has a new form factor with a smooth triangular shape to the marker body making it easier to grip - dubbed the Tri-Grip. The Marker is still a twin tip with a nice firm chisel tip on one end and a very fine point on the other end. Both the chisel and fine tip nibs have been upgraded to a Japanese manufactured high end marker nib which increases its durability and crispness.  The Ink in the Ironlak Striker Tri-Grip has also been upgraded to a high quality alcohol based Japanese ink as well. These are best comparable to the COPIC premier design markers.
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