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Ironlak brought affordable high quality paint to the masses in a major way which forever changed the game. When the first Ironlak cans hit the paint racks in Australian graff shops back in 2004, a new era in graffiti had emerged. What was once a writer’s vision has become a successful empire with some of the world’s top writers proudly representing the brand that always stuck to its true graffiti roots. Ironalk is constantly innovating and perfecting their long line of products, putting out cutting edge tools and content that resonates with writers on all levels. Made for writers, by writers, that’s the Ironlak formula.

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Ironlak Products

If you’re in to graffiti, the Ironlak shop has something in store for you, and much more. What started as a relatively small spray paint line has now grown to a complete one stop shop for everything graffiti related and beyond. They currently hold six distinct spray paint lines with the Lak and Reloaded tall cans being the weapons of choice for most writers. When it comes to markers, they got every base covered. We’re talking twin markers, pump action, fine liners, chisel tip Strikers and many more writing tools to suit your wildest creative visions. No matter the style or medium, Ironlak has the right tools to hold you down.

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  • DANG Prime 400ml

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  • Molotow Premium 400ml

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  • DANG Hiflow 400ml

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  • Flame Blue

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  • Flame Orange

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  • DANG Prime Jumbo 600ml

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  • DANG Hiflow Jumbo 600ml

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