Concrete & Me

116 pages, softcover- The Concrete and me 2, is a bilingual (Hungarian and English) book presenting a fine/street art subculture that is trying to find new ways by experimenting with media and techniques inspired by the urban scenery within and beyond the city bounds. The book is a result of an international collaboration and features artworks from 12 countries of Europe. 108(IT), CKE(SK), FIONA(D), ANED(H), APL315(UKR), BLEZE(RU/CZ), MOSD(CZ), BUDE(H), D.Y.O CREW (IT), ELLA(PL), EREMITERNA DUO(FIN/ SWE), FRANKY(FIN), HOMER(UKR), HONET(FR), HOTSHOT(H), IOKE42(SLO), IP CREW(H), JOE83(PL), MASKER(CZ), OILERS GANG(RO), U.T. CREW(D)
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