City Limits Issue 3

It's back and bigger than ever! Issue 3 is 86 page perfect bound zine. It showcases graffiti found in Detroit. Entire zine done in color and measures 5.5 x 8.5 in size. Logo on cover was designed by Fleks. And the Spotlight for this issue features Stori.
Includes the following writers (not in any particular order):
Aires, Elmer, 2Buk, Esar, Jmack, Niets, Yogrt, Amoe, Melo, Tead, Malt, Rawr, Purge, Sohoe, Pack, Gray, Dems, Repht, Sekt, Mince, Head, Bash, High5, Nate, Anvil, Loaf, Moist, Rehab, Fresh, Esey, Snoe, Okay, Begr, Trav, Risk, Sever, Hael, Wolfe, Spor, Fleks, 2Much, Smyle, Gasm, Hamr, Teck, Adze, Besto, Stori, Rets, Este, Suey, Rank, Taxer, Kuma, Slots, Konqr, Saeph, Purpl, Dozer, Bingoe, Pedal, Semi, Shear, Steel, Fucte, Daks, Revok, Omens, Brzm, RY, Chub, Duble, Kovet, Tunks, Ayem, Dealo, Xhaust, Monster Steve, Phybr, Debs, Vatoe, Arch, Sew, Sloe, Geist, Lewy, Malvo, Swag, Jetski & Bnuts.

First 25 zines sold include a sticker pack from various writers. They are first come, first serve.

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