City Limits Issue 2


Issue 2 is twenty plus pages larger than Issue 1 with all color pics of graffiti from the Detroit scene.

Includes the following writers:
Kosek, Army, Gray, Brzm, Stori , Dems, Repht, Elmer, Gasm, Aires, Amo, Yogrt, Niets, Pack, Mince, Melo, Ayem, Head, Fresh , Jmack, Nate, Okay, Rawr, Marmer, Boge, Loaf, Naked, 4Eyes, High5, Recks, 2Buck, Taxer, Rank, Pear, Chaos, Amuse126, Este, Scech, Ink, Sekt, Turdl, Esey, Serene, Malt, Teck, Sintex, Rift, Fel3000ft, Ramen, Snoe, Iges, Lushy, Scrape, Begr, Friday, Jaroe, Vour, Swag, Chub, Skrew, Purge, Shock, Sailor, isyk, Dyke, Esar, Yesir, Rehab, Phor, Deps, ActMob, Rec3, Zeam, Dive, Wais, Trav, Car, Haeler, Kadie, Sohoe, Sayer, Purpl, Clover, Rime, Smash137, Suey, Besto, Yuno

Tribute pages for Afrika & Nekst

The Spotlight features Dems


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