Boston Fat Cap

Boston Fat Cap

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Boston Fat Caps are modeled after New York fat caps, but you will not see these bad boys leaking all over your cans and feet. These caps are magical, virtually eliminating the classic Rusto valve stutter problem and also have a nice low pressure feel. 

Compatible with old school valve Rusto/Krylon, Spanish Montana/MTN, and most off-label American hardware paint that has female valve systems. These are not compatible with DANG, Molotow, or Flame paint. We cannot guarantee compatibility as valve systems are constantly changing with product updates.

Spray Type: FAT (3-4" Radius, clean and solid circular pattern)

Cap Sex: MALE 

Valve Sex: FEMALE

Recommended Uses: filling in large areas quickly, outlining of large pieces, hand styles and flares. Pairs well with UPROK adapter.

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