Blackbook Sessions 4 (Stylefile)

160 pages, softcover- This book features sketches done by the international graffiti elite – no matter if they are done with all the heart for the smallest detail or as a quick scribble with a simple pen. They are the beginning of everything. How could you better present your ideas, than drawing them? Sketches are the visualisation of your thoughts. It often depends on details, if a finished masterpiece evolves from this or it already is a completed piece of art. A wrong stroke here or an unnecessary arrow on the other side, once went too far on a limb or been to shy – paper does not lie to you and it doesn’t take bribe. Those different starting points show the variety, dynamics and the power of letters, they prove creativity, persistence and sometimes obsession by the creator. The results of sleepless nights and emptied pens are presented on 160 pages with 250 sketches, 50 in colour. In the same place they document the history of an unstoppable movement.

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