Analog VS Digital Book

Since 1998 Peter Stelzig devotes himself fully to taking photos of graffiti art in Berlin. And in his book Analog vs. Digital Trainwriting Artphotography he focuses on all the different techniques of digital and analog photography.

With the help of detailed explanations, assistance according to the equipment and loads of know-how Peter Stelzig wants to encourage people to use far more than the auto-mode of the camera and also communicates a broad spectrum of opportunities by explaining special procedures like double exposure or lomography to the reader. And additionally you'll get some advice concerning slide films, black-and-white films, infrared films and even some tricks for filming with special effects.

Despite the comprehensive guide on photography, the 170 pages show mostly trainwritings on cable cars and undergrounds in Berlin. On more than 300 illustrations Peter Stelzig shows a wide range of coloured trains, which he documented with various techniques over the last 14 years. So this book is not so much a how-to-damage-property guide, it's more a instruction on how to get better at photo documentation.

Artists: Abis, Area, Crush, Drow, Easd, Enter, Fister, Fler, Front, Great, Guard, Heys, Hydro, Inzh, Kaze, Kird, Kicks, Kiss, Lazer, Lazr, Mamba, Matrix, Moar, Nerz, Odik, Oups, Pesd, Rage, Reck, Rino, Roger, Roy, Rumba, Ruzd, Smoc, Shake, Sharp, Skim, Spider, Sone, Sput, Stereo, Tags, Teser, Tok, Tour, Trane, True, Trus, Wild, Zok...1up, Blow, Buzz, Drm, Funkiez, Huskies, Ko, Mrn, Nhs, Rip, Sma, Tck, Tls and many more.

Hardcover, 172 pages, language: English/German.

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