All City Style DIY Train (Black/ONYX Edition)

All-City Style Trains are a DIY platform of one of the most beloved (and controversial) of all canvases for graffiti artists and writers, the subway train.
Created, sculpted, and produced by Bigshot Toyworks, the All-City Style Train was tremendously popular when we first introduced it in 2004. Supported by multiple custom shows in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Moscow, and Melbourne, the All-City Style Trains were embraced by both the graff community and the designer toy community as an excellent platform figure for artists of all styles. At 20" long, it's a large canvas...and with connector pieces included to join two trains together, it provides the artist with a lot more room to work than the average platform toy.

Material – High density injection molded ABS plastic
Length – 20 inches
Height – 5 inches
Color – Black
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