Zugzwang Urban Media Magazine

The Zugzwang magazine is something like "the world" under the Graffiti Mags. And not just because the makers mag dub as a newspaper. Hardly any other Mag comes namely with so many flicks from different parts of our planet around the corner. And as can be found in Mag, um, in the newspaper a whole variety of Steel flicks and also a small percentage of abfotografiertem and of course painted concrete. From Münster it goes out to Portugal on Athens and from there to Italy. And quite apart from the mag comes with the following special guests: - KID RUE - SLAM - FAWTS - RADICALS - U.v.m. In addition to the issue, there are some QR codes with which you will be forwarded directly to additional video material! Softcover, format: DIN A4, 72 pages Language: German / English

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