WingCap (Adaptor Cap)

Finally, it's here! The WingCap lets you use your favorite caps on your local hardware paint brands, like Rustoleum, American Accent and many more.

This adaptor cap is for use on cans with a "male" valve system, with a "male" cap (like all those German caps and NY caps we are selling in the online store). For a fat cap use, we recommend the NY Fats. Combo Packs are available here.

Easy on the fingers with the Wings, reusable many times, this is a must-have tool for all writers. Do not clean with acetone or paint thinner.

BONUS USE: try your WingCap WITHOUT any tips, simply by pressing down the Wings... surprise, surprise!

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  • Great
    Review by S / (Posted on 6/25/2020)
    Worked well. No complaints.
  • Convenient
    Review by Graffgirl / (Posted on 5/30/2020)
    This is useful asf, if you dont have a few of these youre behind the times...
  • Better than most
    Review by Enkor / (Posted on 12/20/2019)
    I've tried every adapter out there from metal to the "other guys". But this one has taken the pole
  • Excellent
    Review by KB / (Posted on 11/13/2019)
    Great product. Very comfortable on the finger, works well wiith fat caps, skinny caps, and just every other cap too. Must have for rusto users.
  • Rustoleum game changer.
    Review by !?$ / (Posted on 8/14/2019)
    Amazing adapter cap. Easy on and off with the wing tabs. Makes painting with rustos a bit more manageable. Well worth it.
  • Fresh
    Review by Books / (Posted on 12/10/2018)
    Game changer! New style from the last time i bought them. They seem more durable. I've had a few break after months of use, mostly in freezing weather
  • Wise investment for rustoleum brand spray paint
    Review by BGS84 / (Posted on 11/13/2018)
    Long story short I just love the way this adapter makes rustoleum cans so much more efficient
  • Mint
    Review by asap 215 / (Posted on 2/16/2018)
    I use rusto cuz its cheap and its not that bad. this adapters clutch cuz i can use any cap i want
  • killroy
    Review by Ricardo / (Posted on 10/17/2016)
    The best ive used so fsr
  • yee
    Review by bob / (Posted on 12/21/2015)
  • Must have
    Review by Bawlz / (Posted on 9/6/2015)
    I always avoided rustos before these came out. Not I can finally use my beloved Harbor Blue rusto.

    Sweet mini fire extinguisher tags.

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