The Lines don't Lie - Vol.1

From the executive producer of the Year-Round Metal Enjoyment film comes the second printing of TLDL Vol. 1 in paperback format. The first publication of its kind to solely showcase the contemporary freight-train graffiti subculture photographed along the rail lines of New England, the book is also packed with trackside productions, missions in nearby tunnels, and life (and death) at the gravel's edge. It is an unbiased look at not only who is the "most up", but who is out there attempting this art form at all. Archival sections include contributions from Spek, Sept, and Learn. Among the hundreds of photographs are wisdoms and witticisms from twenty-five graffiti writers, along with insights from railworkers, and a foreword by legendary writer, Ichabod.

Featuring over 224 writers.192 pages.

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