Suitable 4 Framin' - Issue 10 (Winter 2012)

Issue #10 featuring:
• Graffiti on Freights & Walls from Los Angeles, Oakland & San Francisco 
• California Street Art 
• Gallery Pics: Aaron De La Cruz, Don Ed Hardy, Barry McGee (Twist) 
• Interview with Amend 
• Artist spotlight: Jeremy Fish 
• Studio Visit: David Flores 
• Featuring works by by Abeis, Amend, Anger, Arth, Atlas, Aura, Awol, Binho, Brutal, Buff Monster, Buter, Ceks, Ces, Chek, Clown, Cryptik, Devote, Diar, Dicer, Dyich 66, Ecos, Doze Green, Drama, Dez Einswell, Fermoe, Frost, Gigs, Hero, House, HVW8, Japan, Keb, King 157, Kode, Krash, Lady Karma, Metz, Mode 2, Moment, Mute, Nesta, Optimist, Pestoe, Resk, Ryce, Satyr, Searius, Senor, Slick, Tenfold, Thes, Trife, Vision, Vogue, Wallnuts Crew and many others.
44 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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