Subway Player (Mser)

Subway Player (Mser)

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Mser was born and grows up in Bucarest subway, the forgotten European playground of graffiti in which you can still see trains completely bombed, you can feel the smell of sprays and paint in the station.

A Subway player, 320 productions in one year in the same subway, all this has happened letting unchanged, piece after piece, a great creativity which in always simple and understandable.

These pages explain his life through an intensive interview, his style evolution, the most risky and strongest experiences, this book shows the best shots of his beloved line and not only, places where time seems to stand still and the writing spirit is always fresh and original.

Welcome to Paradise.

Pages: 88
Format: 17 x 27 cm
Language: English
Year: 2011
Published in: Italy
ISBN: 978-88-904178-8-7

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