Stylewriting Hoodie (SUKE) - Black/Grey

Stylewriting Hoodie (SUKE) - Black/Grey

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#stylewriting x SUKE Black Hoodie

Berlin-based writer SUKE (RMA, CMD, MIS, OMS) has contributed this lettering to the first of the artist series #stylewriting. As the producer of the legendary DVD "POWER OF STYLE - BERLIN STYLEWRITING" and the book of the same name, it was obvious that the style warrior from Germany’s capital had to be on board for the launch of the label. Presumably his title from 2003 also played a part in establishing the term #stylewriting as such in the scene. The DVD is often mentioned by some writers in the same breath as STYLEWARS and WILDSTYLE as one of the most iconic films for graffiti.

A high-quality premium fabric was chosen for this hoodie. Pleasantly brushed and prewashed inside. Size and cut are normal.

Each item comes with a pack of stickers, content 5 to 10 pieces, designs may vary.

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