Stylefile Classic 48 Marker Set (Main A)

The Stylefile Marker 48 pcs Main A Set is a solid start into the life of the colorful sketches, drawings and illustrations. This set is color-matched to beginners and offers: 1x black 10x neutral grey tones 37 basic colors with shades The markers have an alcohol-based ink that was developed especially for the Stylefile Marker. It's suitable for both beginners and professionals and gives them a great tool at a fair price. In terms of the handling and the quality- there is nothing to complain about. With this set you get robust tips from the market leader, a plain and simple design and perfectly matching shades. The set comes in a handy acrylic box and is clearly marked by the fineliner and chisel tips. Colors: 900, NG0 - NG9, 114, 118,
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In stock
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