Stylefile Best of Issue 1-10

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256 pages, softcover- The first ten issues of Stylefile magazine have sold out! This book is a compilation of the best work featured in those first ten editions, a distillation of raw creativity that saw first light on the streets of Europe’s major cities and their rail systems: Berlin burnbers, Dutch bananas, Danish dynamite, Swiss cheese, European steel and more. Each issue of Stylefile features a writer special, an interview with a writer and a cover created by a high profile writer such as Bomber, Otis, Shaw, Razor, Stuka.bsc. Whether scrawled on walls, completely covering a rail car, or artfully adorning a chosen urban space, graffiti art has evolved into an art form that inspires legions of fans and has finally won the respect of the critics. Best of Stylefile documents the development of the graffiti/writer scene in happening cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Zurich and more.

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