Stylefile 36 (Tropicfile)

STYLEFILE #36 - the TROPICfile. Welcome to the jungle!
Soten has a special in the Stylefile Magazine Issue #36. Besides this he is responsible for this issue's Cover.

TROPICfile inspired us not only in a creative way. In fact the diversity of the tropics can symbolically be connected with graffiti. Isn´t it this diversity of species that makes our art that especial? Among all of its beauty it endangers us again and again. It can serve you heaven on earth in the most beautiful colors you´ve ever seen and in the next moment it makes you crawl through mud. But that´s what makes graffiti so special.
This issue is another collection of impressions, experiences and faces from our own little microcosm. Also this time we can only show an small extract of the whole thing. Acting this time: Bigmo & Karma, Osman, Berlin Trains & Abis interview, "Who is Soten?", Stylefile vs. Base 23 and Kaos, the VANDAL IN MOTION!
84 pages
text, german/english. 

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