Street Talking - International Graffiti

Street Talking is a massive accumulation of graffiti and street art photographs taken over the last decade by photographer Mike Popso. Exploring a cross-continental swath of urban areas, Popso captures hard-to-reach spots where there is an explosion of bright color and brighter ideas on canvases ranging from abandoned schools in Detroit to the back alleys of Istanbul, Turkey. From illegal tagging under ground to the commissioned productions above ground, Street Talking documents works by an entirely new generation of “writers” and artists under the influence of yesterday’s masters. An artistic platform for today’s global voices in street art, Popso’s compilation features works by The MSK Crew and other cutting edge artists working in Detroit, New York, the West Coast, and Europe—a must have for all street art collectors, practitioners, and enthusiasts.

Size: 11 3/4″ x 9″ | 556 illustrations | 256 p
p''¨ISBN13: 9780764341991 | Binding: hard cover

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