Street Art in the Time of Corona

Street Art in the Time of Corona

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From Paris to L.A., London to Bergen, Sao Paulo to Vienna, and many more, no one has quite captured the strangeness, heroism, frustration or surreal quality of the coronavirus pandemic quite like the world’s street artists. This brilliant small volume features the best examples: heroic nurses, lovers refusing to let COVID cool their passion, strange edicts from government, presidential recommendations featuring disinfectant, feelings of entrapment and longing for freedom...

These artworks aren’t just a fantastic take on the pandemic, but really capture the whole range of emotions that the world has lived through. Fine art isn’t up to the task of defining this era. Street artists have taken on that mantle and have done it brilliantly.


Product dimensions:128 pages, 6.9 X 4.9 X 0.98 in


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