Sang 9 book

64 pages, hardcover- The 9th Concept is a collective of young gifted artists who master modern graphic art technology while using a variety of possible materials. This volume presents the artworks created by the members of the collective for their exhibition, « Sang 9 » (translation from french: fresh blood). The exhibition developed from a central idea: to divert a banal French health insurance form in various stages with new creations by the Collective's founders and their guest artists : BigJul, Jerome, Cyril Fritsch, Alexone, Veenom, Romain, Citizen, Ankh. Each page reveals reproductions of their « bandages »printed as stickers which have contributed to the 9° Concept's fame both in the graffiti and graphic design worlds. Beside the obvious graphic quality of this work, it is also a remarkable testimony to the work of one of the most important graphic artists' collectives from this generation.

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