FLAME Orange Diamond Pack (9 Cans)

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  • Dope
    Review by Martin / (Posted on 12/2/2018)
    Cant go wrong with this pack and you get a nice selection of caps
  • Bang for buck
    Review by SEKZ_ONE / (Posted on 9/29/2018)
    Great paint and for the price ya can't beat it! Smooth controllable valve, perfect pressure for fills, tags and even outlining. Don't sleep on this pack!
  • Great
    Review by Kelo / (Posted on 9/2/2018)
    I bought this paint just to try it out for a quick throw up. It was beautiful. It doesn’t smell bad at all. On a side note it doesn’t cover other paints easily so give the other paint time to dry out.
  • Great
    Review by Seboon / (Posted on 4/17/2018)
    Great paintfor being a variable pressure high output paint, if you throw a thin tip on hete you can tame it down and get some real nice lines also the paint has great coverage for alot of the colors some better than others
  • Good price
    Review by Damon / (Posted on 4/8/2018)
    Any time you can get a molotow spray can for $5 or under, then do it. This pack had enough paint for a full production. Very satisfied
  • paints were great,good color selection!
    Review by Jade / (Posted on 1/29/2018)
    great color selection!
  • Great
    Review by Seboon / (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    Have messed around with flame before and its great paint very controllable for being a high output variable pressure can smells great and has some amazing colors that just pop
  • I enjoyed the cans so much about to buy more
    Review by Siin / (Posted on 9/15/2017)
    Was such an amazing deal for these cans i cant even complain about them.
  • Worth it
    Review by gabriel / (Posted on 9/11/2017)
    If you are new to flame this is a good pack to start with.
  • Great for fills
    Review by Daniel / (Posted on 6/30/2017)
    Great for filling in pieces! Tough can control trying to small lines but that is what you get with high pressue!

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