Replacement nibs Molotow Special Tech 127 HS- EF & 111 EM (Pack of two 1mm nibs)

Speical Tech Exchange tip for MOLOTOW™ Marker 127HS / 127HS-EF / 111EM
2 pcs.

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  • Stick with the plastic 1mm nibs..
    Review by Brendon / (Posted on 4/9/2019)
    Bought these nibs in hope they would work better than the default plastic 1mm nibs, but upon arriving, one of the nibs would not write at all, and the other nib *worked*, but it needed much baby-ing to write. I ended up throwing these nibs away. Shouldn't be a total waste of money if you plan on learning how to use these nibs, but they do not write the same way as the default 1mm molotow nibs. To write with these nibs, i had to keep my marker STRAIGHT UPRIGHT to get a line, if it would even write at all. The marker flows differently with these nibs. If you need replacement nibs, id recommend just getting the default nibs replaced so you don't waste time or money.
  • What markers does this go with?
    Review by Raul / (Posted on 11/10/2017)
    So it’s a great use and i wish i knew how to use it, i bought Molotow markers the oneforall and i can’t put it in there because it’s too small “pause” so can someone send me the link to get the right markers or somsthing
  • Great product
    Review by itanar / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
    I love them. just perfect flow super fine lines. Great for working on any surface.
  • details details
    Review by vom scribbles / (Posted on 3/30/2017)
    I love that Molotow has multiple nib options.. thought I liked the crossover 1mm nibs until I tried these special tech nibs for my detailed line work. Great for working on slaps and even canvas!
  • great nibs for detail work
    Review by Frank / (Posted on 2/13/2017)
    Great nib for detail work, doesn't jam or overflow, superior quality to other fine nibs markers I tried, can't go wrong with Molotow

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