Railroad Semantics zine 5

Railroad Semantics is no less a high spirited an adventure to read than the train hopping it describes.  You are swept along as you precariously climb aboard and jumble down the tracks with Aaron Dactyl and his fellow travelers. As the story unfolds and you become familiar with the terrain in the fascinating pictures contained herein, you can't help but imagine you're one of the animated characters riding along as you attempt to avoid detection. Before long it's one of your tags Aaron spots and photographs under a bridge or on the walls of the box cars he uses to traverse from the snowy white capped peaks to the tree lined valley floor on his way north and south between cities. The morning dew dripping from the rail yard's grassy meadows signifies it's time to navigate the maze of tracks to catch the next train.  Sometimes you must take flying leaps of faith from the cars onto the rocky ground below in order to out run the authorities. But by the end you're waving goodbye to your new friend to return to your mundane life, anticipating his return.

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