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Unleash your visual creativity with the help of Potentate alcohol based twin markers. You don’t have to ball-out to be able to afford quality sketch markers for your blackbook sessions, design work or your kid’s favorite coloring book. Potentate offers an economic solution which gives you premium quality markers at a budget friendly price. Everything is packed in a nice box that serves as the main case that holds the slick twin edged markers at your reach, at all times.

Potentate Twin Marker

No creative’s house is complete without a set of twin sketching markers. They are a tool used as a primary building block towards ideas that manifest first in the mind, then on paper and finally in to something very real. Potentate twin markers make that journey not only easier but also more pleasurable. Twenty four assorted colors at your disposal to help you bring your visions from out of your mind and on to a clean piece of paper. Each marker gives you the choice between a fine point tip and a 2-6mm chisel Tip for broader strokes there are no special secrets to it, Potentate markers are simple, sophisticated and effective.

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