1. Stylefile Premium MarkerPad (Din A4) Horizontal

    The Stylefile Marker Premium Markerpad comes with special premium paper, that prevents print and color bleeding and all 50 sheets are removable. Sketch away!

    - A4 format
    - 50 removable sheets
    - Finest, acid-free 75g / m² paper from Germany

    Dimensions 29.7 cm x 21 cm

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  2. Stylefile Classic Marker Sketchbook (35X27cm) Vertical

    The Stylefile Marker Classic Sketchbook is a blackbook with a portrait format and is the perfect basic for those who do not want to spend too much money on their blackbook.

    With a total of 144 pages you have plenty of space to let your creativity flow. This 120g / m² paper is well-equipped against color bleeding - and therefore perfect for alcohol Markers! The hardcover also has a nice embossed logo.

    - 120g / m²
    - 144 pages
    - suitable for alcohol markers
    - embossed logo on the front
    - thread-stitching

    Hardcover, format: 35 x 27 cm, 144 pages.

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  3. Stylefile Premium MarkerPad (Din A3) Horizontal (42x29.7cm)

    For those of you, who are reluctant to have a limited sketching surface, then our Premium stylefile marker A3 Sketchpad is the one for you!

    Introducing the big brother to our A4 Sketchpad, this Sketchpad has a total of 50 A3 pages with a landscape format. It is, among other things, perfect for alcohol based markers and therefore perfect for the stylefile marker single marker!

    - Format: DIN A3 landscape
    - 50 sheets
    - 75g/m²
    - Finest paper made in Germany

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  4. Stylefile Classic Marker Sketchbook (Din A4) Horizontal

    The Stylefile Marker Classic Sketchbook with its A4 landscape format is a classic when it comes to sketchbooks that are offered in our shop!

    - no bleeding even when using rich colors
    - very robust cover
    - embossed logo
    - 144 pages, 120g/m² paper

    Dimensions: 30 cm x 21 cm

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