Offline Vol.3

The Offline Graffiti Magazine 3 is, as always, for everyone who prefers to see unpublished Graffiti pics in a good, oldschool graffiti mag than the masses of pics on the internet. Who makes this effort will be rewarded with plenty of nice pics in this mag! And that in turn has ample space, because there is no text to have more space for the pics.
In the third edition of Offline Magazine, the focus lies on Vienna S-Bahn, which suggests the cover. This refers to the "Fensterrecht" (window right) claimed by Hundertwasser, in which each inhabitant should have the right to lean out of his window to paint the facade around the window as far as his arms range.
- Vienna subways
- Austrian trains 
- International Trains 
FORMAT: DIN A4, 64 pages, language: German.

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