The Official Bootleg Series v2.5 Book

Featuring the very best in graffiti, art and culture from the crew that brought you the Also Known As Volume 1 and 1.5 books, KR – It’s All In My Head and Million Dollar Vandal.

Spotlights: Barry McGee, Os Gemeos, Todd James, Jeremy Dean (WOBF), Sacer IRAK, Desa, Crude Oiler, Coyo, Finok, SPone, Ket, Veefer and more.


– Double gatefold soft cover (matte laminate coating, chrome foil stamping, spot silver ink).
– 6 x 6.25 inches (15.25 cm x 15.875 cm).
– 96 full-color pages + spot silver ink.
– 6 assorted vinyl stickers.
– Sealed in custom foil packaging.
– ISBN: 978-0-9768516-8-4

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