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  1. Flame Blue

    Flame Paint by Molotow. Low pressure, matt coating, 120 colors. 400ml.

    Get more bang for your bucks with the Flame Paint! High quality paint developped by Molotow, made in Europe, for a price you can afford. Acrylic-based formula, for all surfaces. For outdoor use.

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  2. OTR.007 Soultip squeeze Empty (10ml)


    • EMPTY / 15 ml
    • ROUND TIP: 6 mm
    • replaceable, durable, high-quality Mohair "Diamond-Fibre" tip 
    • Refillable with OTR inks & paints 
    • Also works with any ink, acrylic, latex & water-based paint, oil paint, wallpaper glue, etc. 
    • Multi-surface
    • All-purpose
    • Recap after use and get on the run!

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  3. Molotow 420PP 15mm (Paint Marker)

    0.6" tip, paint marker- The original Mini paint marker by Molotow! Features a wide nib and a pump-system, to control perfectly your paint flow. Comes filled with highly permanent, weather-proof paint.

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  4. Molotow Premium 400ml

    252 high covering colors. Low Pressure. Highest quality of paint.

    Molotow Premium is the king of all spraypaint. With 4 times ground pigments, it is the most opaque paint on the market and its unique valve system and low pressure gives you complete control, without any drips or dust!

    All Season. UV Resistant. For outdoor use. No other paint can match it.

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  5. F-Series Sakura Mixed Paint Stick Marker

    The F-series markers consist of Sakura paint stick divided into multiple sections- to create a marker that changes colours as you write with it. What marker could stand out more than that?

    To choose your ColorMix, please refer to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Images. 

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  6. Krink K-66 Paint Marker

    5 colors
    2oz/60ml capacity. Alcohol-based paint is permanent and opaque. Excellent for use on, metal, coated paper, and painted surfaces.
    4mm steel roller ball tip writes on most surfaces, rough or smooth.
    The K-66 has a squeezable body that helps control paint flow. Steel tip creates unique lines.

    Handmade in the USA.
    Conforms to ASTM D-4236. Prop 65 compliant.
    Warning: Flammable and may cause irritation. Keep away from children.

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  7. Stylefile Premium MarkerPad (Din A3) Horizontal (42x29.7cm)

    For those of you, who are reluctant to have a limited sketching surface, then our Premium stylefile marker A3 Sketchpad is the one for you!

    Introducing the big brother to our A4 Sketchpad, this Sketchpad has a total of 50 A3 pages with a landscape format. It is, among other things, perfect for alcohol based markers and therefore perfect for the stylefile marker single marker!

    - Format: DIN A3 landscape
    - 50 sheets
    - 75g/m²
    - Finest paper made in Germany

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  8. Krink t-shirt (Logo) - White

    The classic Krink tee with a silver logo.

    Short sleeve t-shirt in white. 100% Cotton.
    Designed for a regular fit. True to size, take your normal size.

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  9. Mr.Serious Five Panel Hat (New York Fat cap) - White/Black

    New york fat cap
    • 5 panel snapback cap
    • 180 grams polyester
    • Pvc patch
    • One size fits most
    The Fatcap series collection is based on the most famous spray-can fat caps.

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  10. Transversal Spray Cap

    The Transversal cap produces a Horizontal Chisel line with a diameter of 1,8 - 6 cm / 0.70 - 2.36 inches. The cap sprays a horizontal chisel line to give higher creative control to the user. Great for calligraphy or font style tags. Fits on: Ironlak, Ironlak Reload, Molotow Premium, Molotow High Pressure, Montana, Kolour...

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  11. Glorious Attitude

    There’s no glory without attitude. And so Wholetrain Press opens a new editorial era to improve the depth of the Glorious project, taking it to the next level: ATTITUDE. If Glorious was an overview of work from the most active Italian (and not) trainbombers, Glorious ATTITUDE instead is a series of special monographic-books dedicated to the most worthy exponents of the made-in-Italy graffiti world. ATTITUDE is also a report documented through exclusive pics and statements which, chapter after chapter, create a sort of personal diary. Somehwere between déjà vu and sensations to which only those who have spent nights in rail yards can relate, Glorious ATTITUDE accompanies a continuously evolving phoenomenon, focusing on its main characters one at a time, in order to express every trainbomber’s subculture. The first book in the series comes from the ML’S crew and features Cook, an eclectic monster of the commuter-battle who has been for years setting on fire the northern Italy lines in particular. He is a character in a class of his own and as real a writer as they come. ATTITUDE offers a cross section made of pure style, lettering, colour and steel. Merry trainspotting to everybody.

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  12. Ephin Bucket Hat

    Ephin bucket hat with Ephin label on the front and a small maple leaf on the side.

    Classic bucket hat style
    Soft acrylic / cotton blend fabric
    One size fits all. 20.5" circumference.
    Camo bill
    Inner tape print

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  13. Lego Thin Caps

    Lego Thin Caps.
    Skinny cap that can be used on the most popular graffiti paint brands.

    Fits on: Molotow Premium, Molotow High Pressure, Ironlak, Flame, Montana, Belton...

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  14. Graffiti School - A Student Guide

    If you want to learn how to write graffiti this is the book you will need to give you endless style.

    Find out how to:

    - Design your own letter style
    - Use different effects to make your graffiti unique
    - Draw throw-ups
    - How to do funky fills
    - Paint wildstyle, bubblestyle and blockbusters
    - Handle a spray can, or marker
    - Get your work up safely and legally

    Teachers, this is the book you need if you want to teach graffiti.

    It contains:

    - Plans for lessons on graffiti - theory and practice
    - Practical advice for staging safe, hands-on graffiti lessons
    - Guidance on marking students' work
    - Resources covering the origins and cultural history of graffiti
    - Clear step-by-step explanations to suit students of all abilities
    - Exercises and solutions

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  15. Krink Sprayer

    Limited quantities. First come, first served.

    The history of Krink is rooted in making creative tools through modification and repurposing. From custom inks and paints to specialty delivery systems, Krink is dedicated to invention and creativity, while bridging functionality with art and design.

    The Sprayer is a hand-pressurized paint delivery system. It will take a bit of trial and error, but once you master the process you can achieve unique marks on a large scale.

    5L/169 oz capacity
    7 x 7 x 22 in (18 x 18 x 56 cm)
    Black plastic body with white logo.
    Comes empty with a stainless steel wand and adjustable brass nozzle.
    Assembly required. Instructions included.

    For product instructions, click here.

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  16. Molotow 627HS 15mm (ONE4ALL Paint Marker)

    0.6" tip, premium paint marker- As the largest ONE4ALL marker it's providing almost endless writing capacity due to its enormous tank. Although its thick stroke this marker is convincing by its accurate high covering application on almost every surface.The mixing-balls ensure the steady consistency of ink until its very last stroke. The Sidekick-Cap™ is to be opened easily with your thumb‘s pressure. The unstained fingers can hold the ergonomic marker body without getting tired. A controlled pressure on the float-optmized high-flow tip will activate the Flowmaster™ valve to provide an active regulation of color application. The durable 15 mm felt tip is shaped on both ends and easy to exchange. You can also replace the valve or refill the tank without any problems. All HS-markers are filled with ONE4ALL High Solid Premium Paint with a palette of 18 color tones that are also available as 180 ml refill inks. Our quality seal garantees you to be the first user of 100% Molotow marker technology on its highest level of quality!

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  17. Grog Squeezer Marker 20 FMP (Mini)

    Squeezer® Mini 20 FMP is the new entry in the Squeezer® family. Equipped with a Flowtex™ 20 tip, it's the marker that was missing, 20 mm of porous fabric for write on both small and big surfaces.

    Like the other Squeezer® models, the reservoir is made of soft plastic, so you can squeeze it as much as possible to calibrate the ink flow as you like. Filled with 50 ml of 'Full Metal Paint™', Squeezer® Mini 20 FMP is easily refillable with the useful Grog® Refiller™ and it has an antidrip edge, for writing without any mess, and a secure sealing closure cap. The perfect marker you can always keep in your pocket, handy, easy to conceal.

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  18. Grog refill (Buff Proof Ink)

    200 ml. The highly awaited Grog "Buff Proof" ink is now available! Very opaque and resistant to many chemical agents, keeping its total black look. Neither rain nor sun nor any other atmospheric agent can attack it.

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  19. Molotow Coversall 2 (600ml)

    Black – structure coating – matt – with UV-block. Deeper genuine bitumen, sharp edges, clear lines, precise fine valve adjustment – nearly twice as large output rate. All-season™ – works at the lowest temperatures. Covers Burner™ chrome in seconds.

    The name is the program. MOLOTOW™ CoversAll™ products cover all at any time. Furthermore every CoversAll™ product includes the white/pink fatcap as a standard feature.

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  20. Ironlak Diamond Packs - CHARACTER PACK (9 Cans)

    The Diamond Packs are the best deals on spray paint! Each Diamond Pack comes with a white and a black can, 7 color cans + 25 FREE caps.

    This pack contains:
    7- Flesh tones
    1- Black
    1- White
    25- FREE Caps

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    Regular Price: USD$54.70

    Special Price: USD$48.50

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  21. Molotow Replacement nibs - 2 units (Standard) - 15mm

    15mm Standard-tip for graphical applications
    Exchange tip for MOLOTOW™ marker 420PP / 620PP / 440PP / 640PP / 411EM / 611E

    (Comes in package of 2 units)

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  22. Molotow 613TF 30mm Transformer (Empty marker)

    30mm tip, empty marker- The new innovative marker-modular system. Just combine, exchange or upgrade all parts (Heads, Bodies, tips). For example: Change a 15 mm head to 50 mm head – simply screw it on and start to work. There’s no need to buy a complete marker - just customize upgrade single parts.

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  23. Molotow 411EM 15mm (Empty Marker)

    0.6" tip, empty marker- The mini version of the Molotow 611 marker. Comes with a nasty pump-system, for ink control and drips. Refill it with the ink/paint of your choice!

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  24. Faith 47

    Initially recognized for her unique graffiti and street artwork, Faith 47 is a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from her own intuitive political and existential questions. Her art takes on the form of metaphor. Both abstract and definitive in meaning, plucking at our heartstrings in harmonious and sometimes dark tones as she paints. 
    Faith's images thrive on broken-down cars and old factories, dusty side roads of lost towns and inner-city alleyways. Her deep affinity with lost spaces allows her to gracefully bring attention to the most honest and humble of environments. Her interactions resonate with our fragility and our elusive relationship with dreams, memory, human interaction and urban decay. 
    Faith has established herself internationally, exhibiting her work in galleries and participating in projects across the globe. Despite this she remains rooted in South Africa, where the soil is red and her blood feels comfortably and peacefully on edge. 

    • Format: 23,5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3inch) 128 full color pages
    • Photographs: 135 photos & illustrations 
    • Paperback / limited collector’s edition 

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  25. Egg Shell Wavy pin pack

    In collaboration with studio BSB, here is Eggshells latest pin set! Great addition to your pin collection.

    • 4 Wavy blank pins (red/brown/teal/gold)
    • Each pin mesures 1" (2.5cm) wide

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