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  1. Graffiti ist Jazz mit Buchstaben

    Sabine Ullrich and Frank Pudel accompanied and studied the graffiti and street art scene in Mid-Germany Area with the photo camera for two years. All portrayed protagonists in this book share the same big passion: painting building facades with spray cans – sometimes socio-critical as a meditative act, sometimes inspired by baroque, spontaneous and artistically innovative or as a rewarded, commissioned piece. In many cases, their artworks are vanished, repainted or weather-beaten in a short time. What remains, is only the photo.
    • pages: 160 pages
    • format: hardcover 240 x 165 mm
    • ISBN 978-3-95462-521-5
    • Shoplink & Preview

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  2. Dirty Deeds 14

    Dirty Deeds released its 14th instalment with a heavy piece of documentation, on the holiest of missions, in the graffiti world. Spanning 100 pages, issue 14 of Dirty Deeds is another impressive chapter of the most tried and true practises vandalism offers. An entirely submission based publication, Dirty Deeds offers an impressive array of this countries rail painting daredevils, showcasing why we have one any country would be envious of.
    Another loaded issue with rolling steel and walls from Australia and abroad.

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  3. Tipmix 8 - Local Paint Pack

    This is a pack if you paint with those hardware store paint or other imported brands.

    Included in this pack:

    10 Lego caps
    10 Ny Thins
    10 Rusto Fats
    10 NY Fat

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  4. StreetArt Basel & Region

    The hot spots in the border triangle Dreiländereck Streetart has over the last few years established place in the arts scene conquered and is in city tourism major cultural centers have become indispensable. This book includes a gap for cosmopolitan art and culture basel - Researchers had previously failed not a book about the local murals in the triangle; Not this time...

    Further information on the book:
    16.5 X 23.5 CM
    240 PAGES
    SOFT COVER WITH Klappkarte

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  5. Disgrafix 4

    DISGRAFIX Magazine volume 4. This is a brand new episode of the legendary Brno graffiti magazine . The fourth episode charts the results of work especially Brno writers from 2011-2014 .
    At a whopping 160 pages you can find pictures of trains and meter around the world , lots of legal and illegal wall and chromium in . As a bonus, the magazine is completed sections oldschool that you can feel the atmosphere of the beginnings train writing in Brno from 1995-1999

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  6. Ego War 11

    For some years now , Ego War is the leading magazine devoted to graffiti pictures exclusively done on the subways around the world : the famous systems.
    This 11th issue features :
    A dive into the bowels of the subway by the Swedish photographer Victor Bergstedt ,
    Some focus on crews Monsters of Art ( Scandinavia) and damagers (Germany),
    Panels and whole cars produced in the bowels of the metropolises of the world in Vienna, Athens, Berlin, Mexico City , London and Milan among others. Note some recent excluded such as Calcutta , Kuala Lumpur, San Juan or Brescia. 23 different systems in all!

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  7. Boiling Point 4

    This magazine is mainly on visual impressions ! With the fourth edition of Boiling Point , they take a look at the graffiti scene in Finland . In addition to pictures of rolling Trains and Street Pieces , one finds all the Halls .
    A special feature of the magazine is that contains only images up to the initiation and thus contains a maximum of impressions . An absolute must for anyone who wants to get an impression of the current situation of the graffiti scene in Finland .

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  8. Zugzwang Urban Media Magazine

    The Zugzwang magazine is something like "the world" under the Graffiti Mags. And not just because the makers mag dub as a newspaper. Hardly any other Mag comes namely with so many flicks from different parts of our planet around the corner. And as can be found in Mag, um, in the newspaper a whole variety of Steel flicks and also a small percentage of abfotografiertem and of course painted concrete. From Münster it goes out to Portugal on Athens and from there to Italy. And quite apart from the mag comes with the following special guests: - KID RUE - SLAM - FAWTS - RADICALS - U.v.m. In addition to the issue, there are some QR codes with which you will be forwarded directly to additional video material! Softcover, format: DIN A4, 72 pages Language: German / English

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  9. Pointless Magazine 3

    Pointless Magazine #3 is officialy out now, features a total new graphic design, more pages, more specials!!!
    in this issue

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  10. Taggsatnight

    The Kiel- Taggsatnight Team is proud to present their first printed publication of their Taggsatnight Book. The book, which has been waiting patiently for the last two years to be released, shows an insight of the archives of the team as they have traveled throughout Germany! 
    The focus of the first issue is based in Kiel, situated in the north of Germany. Portrayed over a fantastic 164 page spread, this book allows you to admire the very best Train and Street Flicks that Northern Germany has to offer! 
    Represented Crews in this book: 
    - COS
    - GND
    - OBK
    - OWL
    - and many more
    Hardcover, 164 pages, Format: DIN A4, Language: German



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  11. Surface (Søren Solkær)

    Søren Solkær has traveled the globe to create Surface, a collection that captures some of the most important names in street art and graffiti. Dynamic images of artists alongside their work provide an adrenaline-fueled look at street art culture and the creators that paint, tag and wheat paste every wall, bridge, building and sign they can reach. Street art aficionados will be captivated by the images of their favorite artists, while the uninitiated will be instantly drawn in by the unrelenting color and in-your-face design of every piece. Surface reaches down deep to capture the living, beating heart of the street art scene. Artists featured include COPE2, ELLE, DabsMyla, Shepard Fairey, LISTER, and more.

    Published by Gingko Press
    240 pages, 9 1/2" x 12 1/2", Hardcover
    250 Illustrations, ISBN: 9781584235798



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  12. Mr.Serious Five Panel Hat (Cops can't dance) Burgundy/Navy

    Mr. Serious Five Panel Hat ''Cops can't dance'' Burgundy/Navy

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  13. Sprayground backpack (Neon Flux Rython)

    3M Fabrication with a Glow Effect when exposed to a bright light or flash from a camera. Elephant print with a few hits of neon on the 3D-Molded spikes and rubber accents. The bag is constructed with cut & sew fabrications. Separate headphone and laptop compartments lifts this bags functional to a supreme level.
    Each Sprayground Backpack is made in Limited Runs and Never Produced again. Stylish, durable and constructed with many compartments for ultimate organization, our Rython Backpack is the perfect choice for your carrying solution and will always hold its great shape. Individual Slots and Compartments for your Laptop, Tablet, Wallet, Sunglass and all your other mini things and accessories…we call it “Superfunctionality”.
    Dimensions: 18" x 7" x 11.5"
    Separate Velour Headphone Pocket
    Front zipper pocket
    Side zipper pocket
    Separate Velour sunglass compartment
    Large back hidden compartment
    Zippered Stash pocket
    Ergonomic mesh back padding
    Adjustable Straps for custom sizing
    Nylon Zippers with Metal Hardware
    Inner organized pockets w/ satin lining
    3M Reflective Fabric with Cut & Sew Polyester
    3-D Molded Spikes, Hardware & Details
    What's Inside
    Additional Polyester dust Bag with Logo



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  14. Wild Style Technicians T-shirt (Essentials Tee) - Black

    100% High Quality Cotton Tee. Large print on Front. Med Sized Print on Lower Right Back.

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  15. TIPS Sampler Pack

    Get a sample of all the main tips we have in stock so you can test them all! Included in this pack:

    • NY Fats
    • NY Thins
    • Lego Thin
    • Rusto Fat
    • Original Cap
    • Super silver Fat
    • Skinny Pro
    • Pink Dot
    • Ultra Skinny Grey
    • Widow maker cap

    *Cap selection can vary depending on availability. Rest assured you will always get essentials and a mix of fat, soft & skinny caps.

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  16. 100 European Graffiti Artists

    One hundred extraordinary artists representing many European cities, each with its own and often uniquely inspiring graffiti scene, including London, Amsterdam, Paris, and more. This dense, sprawling portfolio is the product of “modern day documenter” Steam 156′s undisputed knowledge of European graffiti, and includes artist profiles, most written by the artists themselves, crew affiliations, locations, the year they started, details about style, influences, and characteristic strokes, contours, and angles, with hundreds of photos in all. A medium of powerful, youthful, artistic expression, graffiti spread rampantly across Europe in the early 1980s–and has never ceased. Cities across the continent are now hosts to halls of fame, abandoned spaces, and streets full of incredible work by artists, featured in this book, who are carrying the art form boldly into the future and expanding its influence even further.
    Size: 12″ x 9″ | 889 color photos | 224 pp
    ISBN13: 9780764346583 | Binding: hard cover

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  17. 100 UK Graffiti Artists

    Simply opening these covers commits you to being dazzled by 100 of the UK’s top “writers” and street artists, immersing yourself in the styles, past and present, which make UK street art great. Upon its arrival in the UK from New York in the 1980s, graffiti rapidly spread across the island, infecting the youth like a stylistic virus. Out of the early days came names that would become part of UK writing legend, such as Mode2, Zaki Dee 163, Choci Roc, Goldie, and Robbo. Alongside works by these pioneers, we sweep across the whole of the UK, taking in Scotland and Wales, running through the nineties and right up to the modern day when more advanced, technical graffiti, wheat pasting, and stenciling are the new media on the street. This collection includes works by Aroe, Skore, Xens and Kem, Mef, and more. Guiding us through this review is Steam 156, who was there at the start and is still as passionate as ever. This is a must-have collection for graffiti writers and fans around the world.

    Size: 11 3/4″ x 9″ | 810 illustrations | 224 p
    pISBN13: 9780764341960 | Binding: hard cover

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  18. 1988-2008 20 ans de graffiti (Book)

    120 pages- The names are known to everyone who have ever touched a spray can: HNT, POCH, RCF1, and STAK. Graffiti all stars that have been around for a long time and in an exhibition they show 20 years work. This book displays some of the work they have been touring Europe with. The main aim of the exhibition done by these famous French artists is to show the world that graffiti has evolved to a higher art form and is not just an outlet valve for immature and frustrated kids. The book contain pieces and artwork on walls and trains from 1988 to 2008. From Bosnia to Stockholm, Paris to Bangkok, Madrid to Poland. A nice mix of pieces and action flix with a personal touch.

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  19. Action Painting

    216 pages. Paperback. The works presented in this book no longer exist - they are all gone for good, washed off the sides of the trains, sometimes hours after they were first created. Often what remains is just a photo, a final remnant of something that took a great deal of skill, courage, and determination to create.

    Kristian Kutschera presents the most comprehensive collection of art ever created on Europe's transit systems, with highlights of the past 25 years. Her task was not unlike a treasure hunt, involving a series of conspiratorial meetings and the subsequent arrival of mysterious, unmarked packages.

    Inspired by the iconic 1980s book, SUBWAY ART, the painting of trains in Europe continues to flourish. Action Painting gives profound insight into the adventures, techniques, ethics and passion behind this amazing and dangerous art form.

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  20. Alphabet City book

    "Alphabet City - Out on the Streets", a new children's book by Michael De Feo. Each and every letter of the alphabet are illustrated by a work of the "Flower Guy", that were pasted on the walls of NYC. This book is as interesting for children as it is for the street art fans. Foreword by Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective.

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  21. Arabesque 2

    208 pages, full color, hardcover, incl. 4 typefaces on CD-ROM

    Arabesque 2 is a collection of recent cutting-edge work by young designers and activists from the Arab world and Iran. The examples of typography, graphic design, logos, editorial design, and illustration presented here chart a compelling course between local visual convention and a modern international style that is emblematic of the increasing cultural emancipation of the entire Middle East. The book’s rich selection of groundbreaking visuals is supplemented by texts and interviews that describe the environments in which the featured designers and artists work.Arabesque 2 also includes a preface by John Martin, co-founder of Art Dubai, and a CD-ROM with 4 typefaces related to its themes.

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  22. Art Inconsequence book/DVD

    145 pages, paperback- Video-documentary and six essays on contemporary graffiti. This footage takes us to scenes here beauty and absurdity merge, beyond the laws of our society as well as those of our expectations. Exclusive, unseen material from a widely unknown avant-garde, never getting tired of jumping the fences toward the playgrounds of relevance. We become witnesses of who certain thought-crimes of some acting individuals manifest into shapes and colours, become signs and wonders.

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  23. Auri Sacra Fames 1

    DinA4, 100 pages, high quality printing, softcover. 
    - Berlin Tags 
    - Berlin Commuter Trains 
    - Walls 
    - DROW Special 
    - Berlin Subway Stations 
    - Berlin Street 
    - COKE Special 
    - Berlin Commuter Trains

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  24. Back Jumps - The Live Issue 3

    320 pages, paperback- Since 2003, the nationally acclaimed and unique exhibition series BackJumps - The Live Issue has had sensational impact and successes in Berlin. The Backjumps team, built around curator Adrian Nabi, successfully wrapped their third major Live event, in late 2007. While gallery owners and professionals of the culture sector were left rubbing their eyes and the conservative tabloid newspapers elevated the project s profile with cries of scandal, approximately 50,000 enthusiastic art lovers made a pilgrimage to the exhibitions and numerous Backjumps-related side events in Kreuzberg.
    BackJumps - Live Issue # 3 , the three-dimensional Live edition of the legendary Backjumps magazine, once again brought the street art scene together to view works of numerous international artists under one roof. In addition to the actual exhibition, several workshops, panel discussions, lectures, urban walks and partner exhibitions took place. Several large scale murals were painted throughout the city under the Backjumps banner and of course, throughout the course of the events, the streets of Berlin were as alive and visual as ever.

    All this and much more can be found in the From Here To Fame s newly published 320-page (catalogue-)book, BackJumps - Live Issue # 3 , which, in keeping with former editions, strikes a bold note with its revolutionary design. The book gives the reader an allinclusive tour of the exhibition rooms, describing with brilliant images and thoughtful texts, the work of the 24 artists and projects. Additional information and numerous other works of each individual artist are also found in the extensive artist chapter of the catalogue. With the book s retrospect of Live Issues # 1 and # 2, light is shed on the Backjumps scandal , and the impact that the expositions have had on the Berlin art scene. POET 1 examines the story of the Backjumps magazine, from its humble beginnings to its present day success, while CEMNOZ, CHEECH and DON M. ZAZA elucidate the depths of their style philosophy. Select photographs of the side events, careful documentation of the painted murals and a large chapter on street art that includes more pictures, essays and academic treatises make this volume a must-have for more than just avid lovers of writing and street art.

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  25. Backflashes (Graffiti Tales)

    240 pages, hardcover. Former graffiti writer and founding member of the Montana Writer Team, Ruedione retired the spraycan years back, picking up a camera in its place. For Backflashes - Graffiti Tales, he's captured covert graffiti missions in his signature black and white style from Hamburg, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Manheim and Dortmund Germany; New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the USA; Amsterdam and Zwolle in the Netherlands; Naples and Salermo Italy; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago de Chile. These pictures portray not only the forms, letters and characters, but also the moments, emotions and impressions that are integral to the act of writing graffiti. The raw inspiration, the adrenaline and the emotional weight of these artful, yet illegal acts are captured faithfully by a member of the cognoscenti. A writer himself, Ruedione has been a constant companion to some of the best known graffiti artists for many years. His understanding of the lifestyle, the craft, artistic and illicit performance allows for a revealing vision that is clearly expressed throughout his work and which captures the act of graffiti as never before.

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