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  1. Molotow Premium 400ml

    252 high covering colors. Low Pressure. Highest quality of paint.

    Molotow Premium is the king of all spraypaint. With 4 times ground pigments, it is the most opaque paint on the market and its unique valve system and low pressure gives you complete control, without any drips or dust!

    All Season. UV Resistant. For outdoor use. No other paint can match it.

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  2. Creative Quarantine Kit #3

     Was $14.09, now $10 

    Here comes our 3rd Creative Quarantine kit, to help you stay sane and creative in these crazy times. This kit includes:

    1- Markal Black
    1- Markal White
    1- Markal Yellow
    1- Markal Green
    1- Markal Pink

    1- Markal Purple
    1- Bombing Science PU Gloves

    For a very limited time... Get it while you can!


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  3. Molotow Professional Sketchpad A4 (Orange Edition) - 29.7x21cm

    The high quality ONE4ALL™ Professional Sketchpad (40 sheets) is specially developed for alcohol, water and acrylic markers and comes with professional quality fine art paper (150 g/m²). The Sketchpad measurements are 21,0 cm x 29,7 cm (DIN A4).

    The paper’s special coating ensures sharp edges and not only prevents the “bleeding” through but also the bleeding out of the color – so the back side of the paper can even be used.


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  4. Molotow Blender Pro 1-4mm Aqua Medium

    The refillable BLENDER PRO is ideal for a professional diluting and brightening up of water-based inks – without losses of durability and quality. Thanks to different exchange tips the BLENDER PRO is perfectly suitable for all design, watercolor and graffiti applications. 

    creative medium for brightening up darker shades and gradations to solid coating
    ready to use
    delays the absorption of the paper surface 
    for nearly all water-based inks
    diluting and brightening up without loss in quality and stability

    fibre rod system
    1 mm Soft Brush for precise and energetic strokes
    4 mm Round Tip
    exchangeable tips
    compatible with MOLOTOW™ AQUA INK
    • Made in Germany

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  5. Krink - Mini Sprayer

    Limited quantities. First come, first served.

    The history of Krink is rooted in making tools through modification and repurposing. From custom inks and paints to specialty delivery systems, Krink is dedicated to invention and creativity, while bridging functionality with art and design.

    The Mini Sprayer is a hand-pressurized paint delivery system. Handheld and great for smaller projects.

    2L/68oz capacity
    10 x 5 x 14 in (25.4 x 12.7 x 35.5 cm)
    Black plastic tank with white logo.
    Comes empty with adjustable nozzle.

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  6. Grog Squeezer 05 FMP (Mini)

    Equipped with a 5 mm FLOWTEX™ Round Tip, in combination with a compact size soft body, this tool will soon become your pockets' best friend.
    Available in 19 vibrant colors

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  7. Writing Hessisch Nr 3

    New issue of Writing Hessisch is out. 144 pages of dope euro panels - featuring CAB, ASLAK, CPUK, GPC, GUDE, OSCAR and TRASH.
    500 Limited numbered copies available.

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  8. Tipmix 4 - Technical Pack

    The Technical Pack is designed for graffiti writers who need caps for those next level walls: 3Ds, Characters, Special Effects, very skinny lines... This pack also includes a Stencil Cap (for the smallest details)! All the caps included in this pack are guaranteed to work on : Molotow Premium, Flame, Molotow High Pressure, Ironlak, Ironlak Reload...

    Included in this pack:
    10 Smokey Skinny Caps
    10 Original Caps
    10 Bombing Science Medium Caps
    10 lego caps
    1 Stencil Cap

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  9. Ironlak 7mm Paint Marker set (Grey Scale)

    7mm Bullet Nib. Set includes 4 markers with the Pump Action valve system.
    Resistant to UV.
    Water based acrylic.
    Can be applied on most surface.

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  10. Half-Face Respirator (ST-M50G)

    This is the perfect half-face respirator for graffiti writers and for people working with spray paint fumes.

    The cartridges for spray paint fumes protection are sold separetely. You can also purchase a complete set that contains the respirator and the cartridges here.

    - Brand: Strong
    - Model: ST-M50G-3B
    - Material: Silicone and ABS
    - One size fits all / Adjustable
    - Cartridges are sold separately

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  11. Wild Style Technicians Coaches Jacket (Crown of thorns) - Silver

    100% Nylon Shell | 100% Polyester Lining
    Small Crown of Thorns Screen Print on Left Chest
    Large Crown of Thorns Screen Print on Back

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  12. All-weather PaintStick

    Real paint for longer lasting!

    Resists bad weather and water. 

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  13. Markal marker (B Paint Stik) KING-SIZE

    • One-handed, push button operation eliminates lost caps and prevents ink dryout
    • Fast-drying, wear and water-resistant formula for long-lasting marks
    • Industrial-grade fine bullet tip will not spread or mush
    • Auto-storing clip instantly retracts tip to reduce mess or tip damage
    • Xylene-free formula for safe use
    • Real lead-free paint in stick form; combines long-lasting durability of paint with ease-of-use of a crayon.
    • Temperature range: -50°F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C).

    SIZE;  1'' x 4-3/4'' (25mm x 121mm)

    Key Applications:

    - For use on metal, wood, plastic, concrete, rubber, glass, cardboard, and paper.
    - Marks on smooth, rough, rusty or dirty surfaces and also marks through oil and water.

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  14. Molotow Nightrocker (Glow In The Dark)

    Glow in the Dark spray paint! It produces a long lasting luminous power and works on all plain surfaces.

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  15. Tipmix 1 - Dollar Pack

    With this Tipmix bag you'll get 6 of the original NY caps, for only a buck!

    Included in this pack:

    • 2 NY Fats
    • 2 NY Thins
    • 2 Rusto Fats

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  16. Like Lipstick Traces

    226 pages, hardcover- 13 graffiti writers, 2 years, 600 unpublished Polaroids. Like Lipstick Traces shows the everyday life of 13 graffiti writers. Consciously, and therefore in contrast with usual graffiti publications, it uses the peculiar medium of Polaroid. A Polaroid camera and about one hundred Polaroid photos was sent to well known graffiti writers of different nationalities. The task was to shoot their everyday life with complete freedom in the choice of the motifs. It is that freedom which makes this book so special, but also the fact that all these unpublished photos were taken especially for the book. In the beginning of the 21st century, graffiti seems to be taking a line which is totally against its original motivation. On one hand, this might be caused by more severe penalties, on the other it is due to the increasing incorporation of the media and big business. Thus, the artists presented in this book devote themselves to this art in a committed way. They do not succumb to commercial pressure and they bring new life into the graffiti movement. Artists featured are AROE (UK), C.B.S (DE), DUMBO (IT), HONET (FR), KEGR (DK), O CLOCK (FR), OS CURURUS (BR), RATE (USA), REMIO (NOR), ROCKY (ES), SCAN (CA), SMASH (CH), THE E.R.S (BE).

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  17. Beauty in Decay II - The Art of Urban Exploration

    Beauty in Decay features the best in full-color, panoramic photographs from urban exploration ''” or Urbex ''” around the world. Overgrown industrial complexes, disused lunatic asylums, abandoned palaces and forgotten monasteries are showcased, and paired with clear-sighted, poetic text.
    192 pages, Hardcover, 10 1/4'' x 10 1/4'' (260 x 260 mm)
    200 illustrations, English

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  18. Ironlak Acrylic Pad A4 - (15 sheets/190GSM)

    Ironlak Acrylic Pads offer a high-grammage, linen canvas-textured paper perfect for use with Ironlak Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour paints, as well as mixed media work. Each sheet is carefully PH balanced and cold pressed to offer a uniform texture. Individual sheets can be easily removed from the pad. The paper is also compatible with Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers and Oil Pastels. Finished illustrations can be protected by applying Ironlak Fixative to the paper.


    • 15 easy-to-remove sheets
    • 190gsm canvas textured paper
    • Acid-free and PH balanced
    • Cold pressed surface
    • Mould resistant
    • Tough and absorbent
    • 29.7cm x 42cm

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  19. Stylefile Classic 12 Markers Set (Main B)

    The Stylefile Marker 12pcs Marker Main B Set is perfect as a supplement for other Stylefile Marker Main Sets due to its 12 basic shades, but may also be used as a solid foundation for painting.

    Thanks to its price-performance ratio, this makes the Stylefile Marker a very popular graffiti marker and its quality properties are valued not in vain in the architecture and design field!

    - Ergonomic design
    - Marked Chisel and Fine-liner tip
    - Quality alcohol-based ink
    - Resistant tips

    154 (Canary Yellow)
    214 (french vermillion)
    312 (pink fruit)
    360 (Vermillion)
    368 (geranium)
    458 (vivid reddish purple)
    516 (Baby Blue)
    554 (blue napoleon)
    604 (Forest Green)
    642 (emerald green)
    672 (grass green)
    812 (raw umber)

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  20. OTR.901 SoulTip Paint (210ml)

    New and improved formula!

    OTR.901 is high-quality alcohol-based paint for multi-purpose use. This high-glossy super permanent paint has a highly opaque coverage thanks to strong enrichment with pigments. Developed for the ON THE RUN SOULTIPTM squeezer marker series, it also works perfectly with many other artist tools.

    For indoor & outdoor use. Works on walls, metal, canvas, mixed media, wood, plastic, glass, stone, leather, and many other surfaces.

    The OTR.901 can be used with any paintbrush, air brush, in most pump action valve markers, or in any mob & squeeze marker etc.

    Shake passionately before every use until the mixing balls are clearly audible. 


    Universal ON THE RUN refill
    alcohol-based paint 210 ml
    Multi-purpose use!
    Covers everywhere!

    • high glossy finish
    • highly opaque thick coating
    • highly enriched with pigments
    • super permanent
    • weatherproof

    Optimized for the ON THE RUN SOULTIP squeeze marker series.


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  21. Tipmix 3 - Essentials Pack

    p>The Essentials Pack are the essential tools of any graffiti writer: Super thin caps, Outliners, Fatcaps. All the caps included in this pack are guaranteed to work on : Molotow Premium, Flame, Molotow High Pressure, Ironlak, Ironlak Reload...

    Included in this pack:

    • 10 Bombing Science Medium
    • 10 Original Caps
    • 10 Pink Dots (Jumbo Fats)
    • 10 NY Fats

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  22. Tipmix 2 - Basic Pack

    The Basic Pack is what you need to start painting: Outline caps and Fatcaps. All the caps included in this pack are guaranteed to work on : Molotow Premium, Molotow High Pressure, Ironlak, Ironlak Reload...

    Included in this pack:
    10 Pink Dots

    10 Smokey Grey's

    10 NY Fats

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  23. Wild Style Technicians T-shirt (Wicked Style techs) - Celadon

    High Quality, Printed, 100% Cotton Tee.
    Wicked Style Techs Flair Tag by Izzy
    Large Print on Chest.
    Small Print on  Upper back

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  24. Molotow Chalk Refill Metallic 30ml

    The MOLOTOW™ CHALK Refills are ideal for temporary applications on nearly all smooth surfaces or for art applications on canvas. Beside two raindrop-proof plain colors the range also offers brilliant fluorescent neon colors. 

    Unique: real deep black (no grey effect) and metallic chalk colors!

    • water-based chalk ink
    • removable from smooth, non-absorbent surfaces
    • quick-drying
    • perfectly suitable for: shop-windows, mirrors, 
      glass, tiles, metal, plastic, slates and canvas
    • 10 colors
    • limited mixable
    • Made in Germany

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  25. Ironlak Permanent Sketching Marker (Black)

    The Ironlak Permanent marker is the optimal pen for outlining and creating drawings and text. Comes in 3 sizes (0.4mm, 0.6mm & 1.0mm). The ink formula used dries in seconds to a smudge and waterproof finish leaving no room for messy mistakes. The quality soft nib wont damage sensitive surfaces (such as CDís etc.) and these pens are completely airplane safe making them a great travel companion.

    Soft nib that wonít damage sensitive surfaces
    Alcohol based ink
    Xylene and toluene free
    Dries in seconds
    Smudge and waterproof on most surfaces
    Strong PP barrel for long life
    Available in 3 sizes (0.4mm, 0.6mm & 1.0mm)
    Airplane safe

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