Neongrau Issue 4

You can count on the Neongrau #4 magazine – if someone knows how a good and challenging graffiti-mag works, then it’s the boys from Neongrau! But let’s get to the important things: no matter if it’s a special on the popular N-wagon, a few nice double-decker trains, walls or even an insightful essay talking about graffiti in general – this magazine has definitely no room for boredom. And even those with online-affinity will find a place in their writer hearts for this special magazine.


- DB model 425 (Quietschies)
- Pendolinos - Raub and Aslak
- Hamsterbacken  Lints
- Essay: Camera Obscura
- Private trains
- NICE crew
- Double-decker trains
- S-Bahn
- N-wagon (Stahler)
- Essay: Ein Buff-Versuch
- Subway
- Santiago de Chile
- Belgium: SNCB
- Netherlands: NS
- France: SNCF
- Italy: FS/ Trenitalia
- Rait: Reduktion
- Walls

82 pages, language: German

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