Museum of Street Art: East Village

Museum of Street Art: East Village

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Welcome to the Museum of Street Art (MoSA). Not within these pages, but while walking the streets, there is a chance you have been here before. The MoSA concept is intuitive, but you might not have noticed it unless you were looking for it.

A MoSA is a phenomenom that occurs when there is a high concentration of both art and local stakeholder support in a particular outdoor area. This combination creates living, breathing outdoor museums in our cities. Entry is free and daily exhibits are managed by the residents, landlords, local government, visitors, and mother nature. These stakeholders alter the exhibition every day with their competing opinions and priorities, which in turn creates one of the most dynamic and meritocratic museums in the world. MoSA explores this concept by photographing these museums in their entirety on one particular day, as a record and snapshot in time.

MoSA locations can be found in dozens of cities around the world, but in this edition, we explore the East Village in New York City on June 23, 2017. The East Village has a long history of supporting the arts and showcases a variety of mediums by a host of local and global artists. Read on to see exactly how we captured the exhibit.

All photographs were shot sequentially in 14 hours starting at 12 AM midnight on June 23, 2017. The area of interest covers 430 acres known as the East Village, located in Manhattan, New York. Its boundaries from West to East are from Bowery/4th Ave. to East River Park. Its boundaries North to South are from 14th St. to Houston St. The editor systematically canvassed this area by bicycle to capture each piece of art. "The Streets" began at Bowery and Houston and were traversed Northward in ascending order from Houston to 14th St. "The Avenues" began on Avenue D and Houston and were traversed Westward from Avenue D to Bowery/4th Ave.

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