Mural Art 3

272 pages, Hardcover-

The journey to mural art continues. More than 120 muralists and organizations from all over the world, from Europe to Africa, from America to Asia and Oceania, present 1000 murals and guide us to their colorful and symbolic world. The murals presented in this book are painted on public surfaces and created on huge surfaces with all kinds of techniques: from graffiti to trompe l'oeil. Artists include 3STEPS, ANGOULEME, MARCOS ANDRUCHAK, AROE, ART FA ADE, ATEM, BLUE SKY, CARAMAGNO SALVO, CITY2CITY, COLOSSAL, DK MURALISMO, DOME, FREDERIC GARCIA, HITOTZUKI, HYDER 111, LOEWENSTEIN DAVE, and SHIZENTOMOTEL.
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