Mostly True: The Story of Bozo Texino (Real World)

In this companion book to the film "Who Is Bozo Texino" (shot entirely aboard speeding freight trains), Daniel mixes experimental and documentary to provide a captivating look at a little-known art form--hobo boxcar graffiti . Tracing the origins to boxcar graffiti from over 100 years ago, Daniel follows rail graffitis' evolution to modern day hobo gatherings, freight hopping trips and secret hobo jungles. Along the way Daniel interviews numerous old timers who have spent years

on the rails drawing their monikers, among them graffiti legends Colossus of Roads, The Rambler, Herby (RIP) and yes even the ever-illusive Bozo Texino. The interviews provide a fascinating glimpse into the harsh realities of tramp life.

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