Molotow Transformer System 11mm Chisel

Whatever you intend to do, the MOLOTOW™ TRANSFORMER System has the matching module for every application – no matter whether for large area projects or fine-line styles.

Total individuality: All the TRANSFORMER™ Modules (Marker bodies, heads, tips, tank cap and the TRANSFORMER™ Exchange Pump Valve) are available separately and can be exchanged, because of the standardized screw thread. For a modification you do not have to buy a complete marker, only the appropriate module, such as the TRANSFORMER™ Head 50 mm. Just screw off the marker head and replace it by the new one.

Thanks to the practical and common tank cap, the TRANSFORMER™ pump markers and bodies can be refilled from behind in a clean way. Therefore the alcohol-based TRANSFORMER™ permanent ink (TRANSFORMER™ Refill 250 ml and 60 ml) and the acrylic-based ONE4ALL™ ink (ONE4ALL™ Refill 180 ml, 30 ml and 10 ml) fit perfectly - For the ONE4ALL™ inks (highly pigmented) we suggest to use the High-Flow-Tips.

By the way: The TRANSFORMER™ pump markers are also excellent drip markers! The soft spring, in combination with our High-Flow-Tips, generates amazing fat drips.

The big TRANSFORMER™ Refill bottle 250 ml is a real secret weapon. The bottle is also equipped with the standardized screw thread, like all the TRANSFORMER™ modules. You only have to insert the Exchange Pump Valve of the TRANSFORMER™ System, which is also available separately, into the top of the refill bottle. After that, screw on a TRANSFORMER™ Head of your choice and after a few seconds you get a monster marker.Seven, Dixie Rebel, E.B. Itso, Flow, Funky Mel,

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